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Episode 1: Pop!


Don't like condoms? Turns out you're not alone. Whether or not you use them, there's still a way to prevent HIV—we'll break it down for you! Also: glitter bombs!

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Episode 2: OMG, You're Bad!


We tackle the PrEP haters (there's at least one) and dive into why you should get tested—even if you always use a condom. Also: things get kinky!

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Episode 3: Undetectable

In some cases, it's safer to have sex with someone who's HIV+ than someone HIV-. Here's why! Also: Eric's first breakup is for the opposite of the usual reason, and unintended consequences of the war on HIV. Also: cute boys kissing!

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Episode 4: Each to Their Own


Americans like their sex with a heaping dose of shame. But how can we address problems like HIV if we refuse to talk about it? Maybe it's time we learned something from women, who've been through this before. Also: hot shirtless throuple!

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Slates, Bloopers & Outtakes


Peek behind the curtain with these bloopers and outtakes, including the 27-take scene from hell! We hope you had as much fun watching The PrEP Project as we did making it. Also: More naked butt!

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